“Flying in a private jet while improving the world is possible together”
2 900$ / Mois
$17,500 / Year


1 free flight each year among the offers offered (more than 100 offers available per

month )

Your transfers from home are free. We will offer it to you automatically

Flights from €850 for the entire plane, among the offers offered (more than 200 offers available each month)

Free invitations to major events such as the Monaco Grand Prix or Wimbledon

Gifts in the packaging of your card. Luxury and different gifts for each client

The price of your traditional flights reduced by 5% to 30% in addition to making you fly at the best price.

You have the possibility to pay for your flight in several monthly installments if they do not exceed the date of departure. (3 and 4 times available)

We will organize an on-site visit for you to see our humanitarian actions. A rich human experience that you will not forget.

The average savings of our customers over the year


Can I cancel the card ?

At any time, the account holder or a third party acting on his behalf (on presentation of proof: death, guardianship, etc.) can request the termination of the account: the attached card (s) (s) is then deactivated and the benefits remain active until the anniversary date of obtaining the card. After this date, all its advantages will be lost.

Will I be alone on board ?

You can fill the seats at your convenience. The price will not increase as it relates to the entire aircraft. You will therefore not have to be present during the flight but only when booking.

How many flight offers per month ?

More than 60 offers will be available each month exclusively for holders of the "Black Card Experience" card. Prices start at € 850 (and one completely free flight per year). Offers remain non-exchangeable and non-refundable unless canceled by us. In this case you will be fully reimbursed.

Are my transfers free ?

Your transfers from your home to the airport remain free during the validity of the card (valid on flights booked with Jetsborder). Depending on the number of passengers, we will offer you adapted transport and always in the luxury category.

Are the events free ?

Invitations to various events offered during the year such as Roland Garros, the Monaco Grand Prix or Wimbledon for example, will be valid for 1 person and free. (Not necessarily the card holder).

When will I receive my card ?

We will notify you by e-mail of the dispatch of your card after its manufacture is complete.