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    Black Experience

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
  • Black Experience

    Every year

Renewal will take place automatically unless you cancel


Access to jet-sharing offers: you simply pay for your seat at reduced prices

Your transfers from your home are free. We will suggest them to you automatically

Flights from €950 for the entire plane, among the offers on offer (more than 250 offers available each month)

Free invitations to major events such as the Monaco Grand Prix or Wimbledon

Gifts in the packaging of your card. Luxury and different gifts for each customer

The price of your flight requests reduced by 5% to 30% in addition to making you fly at the best price.

You have the possibility of paying for your flight in several monthly installments if they do not exceed the date of departure. (3 and 4 times available)

We will organize an on-site visit for you to see our humanitarian actions. A rich human experience that you will not forget.

The average savings of our customers over the year